Reassurance & Re-examination


General Questions can be asked on cyst found on Breast USG in a women:


Q. In what age group Cyst are common?

Cyst are common in breast of women in their 30s & 40s.


Q. Is there is a chance of malignancy?

Cyst carry a very low risk of malignancy. A simple cyst is almost never associated with a malignancy.


Q. When we can suspect malignancy in cyst?

A complex cyst may be associated with an underlying malignancy & aspiration is usually recommended.



Q. Cytology is required or not for cyst?

If cyst disappears with aspiration & the contents are not grossly bloody,then the fluid doesn’t need to be sent for cytology.

If the lesion doesn’t completely disappear or recurs multiple times after aspiration,then the fluid should be sent for cytology.


Q. In what condition Cyst should be excised?

Excision of a cyst is indicated only if the cytological findings are suspicious for malignancy.


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