Relationship between sexual function & Vitamin K:


Let’s see this clinical scenario:

A 42-year-old male patient wants your opinion about vitamin E supplements. He has read that taking high doses of vitamin E can improve his sexual performance and slow the aging process. He is not vitamin E deficient. You explain to him that these claims are not based on good evidence. What other potential side effect should he be concerned about?

A. Deep venous thrombosis

B. Hemorrhage

C. Night blindness

D. Peripheral neuropathy

E. Retinopathy


ANS: (B)

High doses of vitamin E (>800 mg/d) may reduce platelet aggregation and interfere with vitamin K metabolism.

Doses >400 mg/d may increase mortality from any cause.

Vitamin E excess is not related to increased risk of venous thrombosis.

Vitamin A deficiency is a cause of night blindness.


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