116. A lady who is using oral contraceptive pills comes with a complaint of vaginal discharge and pruritus vulvae. On local examination, there is curdy white discharge from the vagina. What is the most likely clinical diagnosis?

(a) Trichomonal vaginitis
(b) Monilial vaginitis
(c) Gardnerella vaginalis
(d) Atrophic vaginitis

ANS- (b) Monilial vaginitis

Monilial vaginitis is caused by a gram positive yeast like fungus candida albicans.

Clinical Features:

  1. The pruritis is out of proportion to the discharge.
  2. The discharge is thick, curdy white and in flakes, (cottage cheese type) often adherent to the vaginal wall.
  3. Vaginal examination may be tender. Removal of the white flakes reveals multiple oozing spots.


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