Tuophy weiss reusable needle

tuophy weiss reusable needle Use in epidural anesthesia very slightly curved at the end ( to prevent puncture of dural membrane )

Vim silverman liver biopsy needle

vim silverman liver biopsy needle

Stellate ganglion block

stellate ganglion block Also reffered as ” Cervico-thoracic sympathetic block” Level of blockage- Anterior to tubercle of transverse process of C6 vertebra Indications: Treatment of acute herpes zoster in distribution…

Oxygen cylinder

oxygen cylinder

Nitric oxide cylinder

nitric oxide cylinder

Mapelson breathing system

mapelson breathing system The Mapleson A or Magill’s system- Fresh gas flow is near reservoir bag & APL (Adjustable pressure limitting ) valve near face mask. Good for spontaneous breathing…

Mallampati classification

mallampati classification Class 3 & 4 : more difficult intubation

Macintosh laryngoscope

macintosh laryngoscope The macintosh blade is the most widely used curved laryngoscope blade while miller blade is straight blade. Macintosh blade is positioned in the vallecula , anterior to epiglottis…

LP needle

LP needle


capnograph Cause- Leak from expiratory valve Biphasic pattern of capnograph seen in- Mainly in chronic smoker with emphyse due to hyper expanded lun In single lung transplantation patiens.gman-

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