Remnants of Embryonic Parts

  • Embryonic Part: Ductus arteriosus
    • Remnant: Ligamentum arteriosum.
  • Embryonic Part: Umbilical artery
    • Remnant: Proximal part becomes the superior vesical artery; Distal part forms the medial umbilical ligament.
  • Embryonic Part: Umbilical vein (left)
    • Remnant: Becomes the ligamentum teres.
  • Embryonic Part: Ductus venosus
    • Remnant: Forms the ligamentum venosum.
  • Embryonic Part: Septum primum
    • Remnant: Constitutes the floor of the fossa ovalis; Its lower free edge is known as the annulus ovalis.
  • Embryonic Part: Septum secundum
    • Remnant: Forms the curved upper margin called the limbus fossa ovalis.
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